Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Des idees de mode tres pauvre

Shimson's Chronicles takes interest in the younger Napoles. See his article here. Shims pet peeve, no less is shown below:


That's the younger Napoles for you, she's called Jeane. Come to think of it, in fact her mother Janet is also called Jenny by those who have known her when she was still a struggling small time supplier and dirt poor. And they probably have the same tendency to big boobs and tummies.

The dress does not seem to me tout a fait approprié for a big tummied girl, don't you think? Notice how the stomach bulges, a big, big no in la mode. 

Fashion is no good if you're just there for the showing off and not for the art and sense of it. That's why fashion designers are costumists, they make costumes, vetements dummy, dummy but they're not definitely simple minded gift wrappers of those often impossible bodies of the riche.

Now give me a Congressman, Senator or their spouses and children, specially cheri those who embraced Napoles with loving, warm affection. I have just the best design for them, a superb bespoke garment complete with a special necklace with guillotine modele. Hmm satisfait mon amour?

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